RFC: On-demand package installation API in kdelibs

Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Sun Aug 1 13:27:05 BST 2010

Am Sonntag, 1. August 2010, 14:03:39 schrieb Dario Freddi:
> Opinions?

Looks like most suggestions and comments (like mine and the one by JohnFlux) 
would be mostly covered by your "compromise". It allows for both the 
"mechanism vs. policy" paradigm and the "inversion of control" paradigm where 
applications can suggest certain actions to be performed but eventually 
another component will perform them. Independently from the actual 
implementation, I think such a system can only work safely when it honours 
these two paradigms.

Are alternative actions to directly installing packages (like just showing an 
informational page instead) part of Shaman or would this be another layer on 
top of it?

Given the complexity and contestability of the topic, perhaps you should start 
a techbase proposal page with some diagrams before hacking on it.


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