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David Faure faure at
Fri Apr 30 13:02:22 BST 2010

On Thursday 05 November 2009, Dawit A. wrote:
> The issue with KUrl however remains because the option name is confusing
> to  say the least and that same option produces different results in
> urlcmp.

I agree. And many months later, here's a suggested fix for it:
* a new flag that allows to request that "empty path" and "/" are treated the 
same (I still maintain that it makes sense that they are not, by default, even
path(RemoveTrailingSlash) doesn't turn "/" into "").
* making urlcmp call KUrl::equals instead of having a different implementation
* documentation for CompareWithoutTrailingSlash that explains the no-path case
* unittests for both urlcmp and KUrl::equals, both for "subdir with and 
without slash" and "no path vs just /".

This makes KUrl's behavior more documented and logical, but of course it 
changes behavior for existing code that was using 
urlcmp+CompareWithoutTrailingSlash. In web-browsing cases, AllowEmptyPath 
should be added to get the previous behavior.
Well, let me provide a patch for that, too. I ported khtml's uses of urlcmp to 
KUrl::equals (to avoid re-parsing of existing kurls) and added AllowEmptyPath.

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