New dependency for kdelibs and kdebase: dbusmenu-qt

Ben Cooksley sourtooth at
Thu Apr 29 05:36:00 BST 2010

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 10:49 AM, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> On April 28, 2010, Martin T. Sandsmark wrote:
>> On Wednesday 28. April 2010 13.25.39 Matthieu Gallien wrote:
>> > You need it in order to export and import the contextual menu of status
>> > notifier item. This allows the systemtray applet to locally render the
>> > menu instead of asking the application to display the menu at a given
>> > position. This way, no matter what toolkit the application is using the
>> > menu is rendered by the workspace in a consistent manner.
>> I'm sorry if I sound a bit whiny or bitchy, but this sounds like a really
>> tiny use-case with a minimal improvement, requiring a completely separate
> you sound neither whiny nor bitchy, just not aware of all the benefits. fair
> enough:
> * it lets us do things like integrate the menus with the taskbar entries
> (won't happen for 4.5, but watch for it in 4.6) ... just think of how this
> opens the door for nice dock plugins too!
> * it lets us perform things like "Mouse scrubbing" where you move your mouse
> over the set of icons like you do a menubar in an app
> * it lets us not use a menu when it's more appropriate to use something else
> (e.g. on mobile)
> * it lets us pop up menus even when the app on the other side is busy with a
> modal dialog (you have no idea how much this annoys me on a weekly basis with
> ktorrent :)

It breaks applications such as KNetworkManager which depend on drawing
the menu themselves. To fix it, if a QMenu has a widget inserted into
it then the pre-dbusmenu-qt code path needs to be used....

> it turns out that a truly modern desktop shell is slightly more complicated
> with more use case details than many people appreciate :)
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