A note to packagers

Stefan Majewsky kdemailinglists at bethselamin.de
Mon Apr 26 20:40:18 BST 2010


I think there is a kde-packagers ML or similar, but I also think that posting 
is limited to subscribers there, so could someone please forward the following 
notice to them?

Starting from revision 1119208, the Palapeli application requires that the 
executable "libpala-puzzlebuilder" is installed. If you have previously put 
this tool into a development package, please move it to the same package as 
the "palapeli" executable, or people will have their default puzzles messed 

I apologize for the awful hack that requires this change, but I have a bad 
feeling about starting to rewrite some core classes of Palapeli just four 
hours before the (soft) feature freeze.


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