windowedwidgets runner moved in kdereview

Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Apr 26 22:03:06 BST 2010

Heya :)
just moved the windowedwidgets runner into kdereview
(note, it was called plasma-mobileapps while it was in playground, so 
translations should have to be renamed)

it's a small runner intended to be used with the plasma-windowed shell just 
landed in kdereview as well, you search for a plasmoid name/description on 
krunner and it launches it as a little standalone application with that shell.

Question for plasma people: right now limits the query to entries with the X-
Plasma-StandAlone=true key in the plugin desktop file:
i'm not sure is the right way to go (or easily maintainable) but showing 
entries like the taskbar seems silly as well, what do you think?

Marco Martin

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