KNewStuff: Global Installation

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Apr 26 20:12:26 BST 2010

On 25.04.10 23:21:21, Jonathan Schmidt-Dominé - Developer wrote:
> Hi!
> > What does that switch do? In particular where does it put the files?
> > Putting them into /usr/ is wrong as that'll clash with your
> > package-managers data and anything else needs extra setup steps in the
> > environment (like adding /usr/local to KDEDIRS).
> I think /usr would be okay, this "clash" would not cause any dramatic 
> problems, plasmapkg already uses this directory.

It will as soon as the package manager removes the directory in /usr
with your stuff because you've uninstalled $somepackage. Really,
installing into the package managers prefix is about the most broken
thing you can do. And just because plasmapkg does such broken things
doesn't mean this should be continued elsewhere. 


Excellent time to become a missing person.

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