Display brightness OSD notification

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Tue Apr 13 17:27:38 BST 2010

Marco Martin wrote:

> I'm really not sure the notification system is any good for osd.
> while i would like to show osd in the same spot as the notifications,
> the data it arrives in org.freedesktop.Notifications.Notify() doesn't
> seem to fit very well (i would like for instance to be able to show a
> progress indicator, to be able to do the kmix one, maybe other widgets
> are needed too?)

Yep, the notification system and OSD have really different purposes. OSD should only
provide feedback against an action triggered by the user (especially through some input methods)
but notifications are generally for notifying users about what's going on the overall system right now,
e.g. file copying status, disc burning status, kopete message, etc.

OSD should really be simple, sleek, short-duration widget which doesn't accept any other input
once drawed on the screen like through push buttons, etc.

A D-Bus service for rendering plasma-themed, custom-positioned/transparency OSD should be enough
for KDE applications.

That's what KOSD is doing: It owns org.kde.kosd and offers a generic showCustom() method and other
specialized methods like showBrightness(), showVolume(), etc. I don't think It is still maintained,
it has just one release until now.

I'll try to share my experiences with KOSD, KMix and battery-applet altogether with the patch in $subject
as I'm planning to do the integration for the upcoming Pardus 2009.2.

Ozan Caglayan


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