KDE Platform Profiles

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Mon Apr 12 18:10:19 BST 2010

On Monday 12 April 2010, Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Gooooood (not-so-)morning(-anymore) kde-core-devel!
> === Action Plan ===
> * We need to communicate with packagers in order to see more fine grained
> packages built, at least for the non-desktop variant of distros. That might
> even reach out to desktop distros, which is maybe a good thing, but that's
> not our main focus. kde-packager got already contacted by Frederik
> (although I didn't see any feedback coming from this list yet).
> * We propose adding a CMake variable to choose the platform profile.
> KDE_PLATFORM_PROFILE would be one of Desktop, Tablet, Mobile. We already
> have a first proof of concept patch for that under Alexander's review,
> subject to changes. Note that said variable is a high level one setting
> defaults for the low level variables used within out libs (e.g. if
> KDE_PLATFORM_PROFILE=Mobile then in libplasma we'd set a
> "PLASMA_NO_KDEWEBKIT" variable to true which would be used to avoid the
> kdewebkit dependency).
> * Applying dependency reduction in code is possible with the platform
> profile.

Beside the effort to this working an implemented, it will also be hard to 
actually *keep* the different configuratios working.

I think if we really want to do this, at this point we finally really do need 
automatic builds for all our supported platforms in the supported 

I am currently setting up Nightly builds for complete KDE on 
http://my.cdash.org. You can go there, get a login and search for the 
KDE-related projects (named like the svn modules), e.g. here is the current 
result for kdelibs: http://my.cdash.org/index.php?project=kdelibs

As you can see, still right now it is hard for us to keep our dependencies 
working, just yesterday Apaku committed a fix because strigi or nepomuk or 
SDO was optional somewhere and relied upon somewhere else. I would assume 
this will become much more frequent if we have such different configurations.

I started writing up how to run and use such dashboards for KDE at techbase: 

It may still need some improvements, but the main part should be already 
working now. So if you're interested, let me know.
The main thing about contributing nightly builds is having a machine which is 
reliably running *every* day, and also reliably have the time to keep the 
nightly build working (when dependencies change etc.).


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