Qt 4.6 Dependency Trunk & Change in release schedule

Parker Coates parker.coates at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 02:51:53 BST 2009

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 16:42, Michael Pyne wrote:
> kdesvn-build trunk can build either one as well.  You will need to delete your
> qt-copy source directory first.
> module qt-copy
>  configure-flags ...
>  branch 4.6-stable-patched
>  repository git://qt.gitorious.org/+kde-developers/qt/kde-qt.git
> end module
> To be clear, I think Tom meant "git://qt.gitorious.org/+kde-developers/qt/kde-
> qt.git" for 4.6-stable-patched as I cannot find it on the official Qt repo.
> Running kdesvn-build qt-copy should then clone the git repo and build it as
> normal.  I haven't had time to test it in awhile, please let me know if
> there's issues.

Hello Michael,

kdesvn-build doesn't seem to able to handle it currently. I removed my
existing qt-copy source directory and used the module configuration
you mentioned above, but it fails with the following output:

    Script started processing at Tue Sep 29 21:19:06 2009
    <<<  Build Process  >>>
    Building qt-copy (1/1)
            Waiting for source code update.
    Error updating qt-copy, removing from list of packages to build.
     > Can't checkout qt-copy: No such file or directory at
/home/parker/kde-devel/install/bin/kdesvn-build line 1944.

            Unable to update qt-copy, build canceled.

    <<<  Build Done  >>>

The error.log contains the following:

    # kdesvn-build running: 'git' 'clone' '--'
    Initialized empty Git repository in
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
    fatal: early EOF
    fatal: index-pack failed

Cloning manually seems to work, though. Hope this is useful to you.


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