Qt 4.6 Dependency Trunk & Change in release schedule

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Mon Sep 28 03:47:24 BST 2009

On Sunday 27 September 2009 16:52:05 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Domingo 27. Setembro 2009, às 22.42.39, Michael Pyne escreveu:
> > To be clear, I think Tom meant
> >  "git://qt.gitorious.org/+kde-developers/qt/kde- qt.git" for
> >  4.6-stable-patched as I cannot find it on the official Qt repo.
> He said that:
> > if you want to do KDE development, the 4.6-stable-patched would be
> > recommended,   This contains the kde patches and will trail behind
> > 4.6-stable, so you may need to merge 4.6-stable yourself if you need the
> > latest fixes:
> >     qt.gitorious.org/qt/kde-qt branch 4.6-stable-patched

Is qt.gitorious.org/qt the same as qt.gitorious.org/+kde-developers/qt ?  I'll 
admit I didn't try cloning the URL since I already have it checked out but I 
didn't think the +kde-developers was redundant.

 - Michael Pyne
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