Blogilo Moved into kdereview

Mehrdad Momeny mehrdad.momeny at
Thu Sep 24 20:00:44 BST 2009

Hi folks,
I have moved source and doc of Blogilo into kdereview.

Blogilo is a kde blogging client, based on KBlog library. formerly known as "Bilbo Blogger"
Official Website:

We prefer to import it into KDE PIM section! because it depends on KBlog that is a part of 

Some notes about current krazy2 errors on src:

"crashy" complains about using exec() function for a Modal Dialog, And it points on lines that we 
were used QSqlQuery::exec().

"qmethods" complains about using QSystemTrayIcon::showMessage() function, but we use 
KStatusBar::showMessage() func!

"spelling" complains about a spelling problem, whatever its on Icon name passed to KIcon()! 

There are 2 problems on includes (reported by "includes"), That I can't understand what's 
wrong there!? and please help me for this section.

Mehrdad Momeny
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