[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Wed Sep 23 21:23:35 BST 2009

On Mittwoch 23 September 2009, Chani wrote:
> -abort the countdown if power is restored (assuming this feature isn't
> already there)
> -make the timeout longer so I've got time to stop panicking and do
> something about it (yeah, I've seen that notification and gone stupid and
> not clicked the button just because I'm frozen with panic).
> -make the notification stay there
> -have a nice big button so that it's easier to hit

We all agree on this.

> -change something to make it more noticable (size, colour, *something*...

I favor a simple progress bar - movement catches the eye quite well.

> note that this shouldn't be a special hack for powerdevil, it should be
> something done to any notification that has highest priority (do we have 
> API for saying how important a notification is yet?))

I wouldn't over-generalize this, to be honest.  (IMO the old knotify stuff was 
over-generalized.  Nobody would configure each and every event to suit his 
needs, or even have a popup & sound for "game started" etc.)

A simple priority setting is important for the next topic, but visually, I 
don't think that the appearance should change too much.  I think a proper 
theming (a *little* richtext, icon) + a progress bar would suffice.  But 
nowadays, we have great artists, so this won't become bad. :-)

> hmm. random thought - it'd be nice if I could put not just kopete but my
> whole computer in a "do not disturb" mode, where the only notifications
> were critical ones. I see in the systray config we have applications vs
> downloads, but nothing about importance.

The so-called "presentation mode" used for talks, watching movies, etc.?
That sure is important.  (How many "Hey, I found new updates", "Your virus 
database is becoming too old", or "New WIFI network found" messages have you 
seen popping up during powerpoint presentations on Windows?  It stopped being 
funny for me.)

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