[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Dario Freddi drf54321 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:36:22 BST 2009

On Wednesday 23 September 2009 21:28:33 Chani wrote:
> that's a very good point. the last time I forgot to plug in, I dived for
>  the power cable first and looked for the notification second - by which
>  time it was too late. :)
> it seems so obvious now that simply plugging in the power should be a clear
> indicator that I don't want it to shut down.
> so:
> -abort the countdown if power is restored (assuming this feature isn't
>  already there)

Whoops, if it's not present it will be in a pair of days :)

> -make the timeout longer so I've got time to stop panicking and do
>  something about it (yeah, I've seen that notification and gone stupid and
>  not clicked the button just because I'm frozen with panic).
> -make the notification stay there

I'm stressing again the point: we should need a system to make "important" 
notification not to collapse. That's the only burden I see with the current 
about to suspend notification

> -have a nice big button so that it's easier to hit
> -change something to make it more noticable (size, colour, *something*...
>  note that this shouldn't be a special hack for powerdevil, it should be
>  something done to any notification that has highest priority (do we have
>  API for saying how important a notification is yet?))

This goes together with my previous comment, we definitely need something like 

> hmm. random thought - it'd be nice if I could put not just kopete but my
>  whole computer in a "do not disturb" mode, where the only notifications
>  were critical ones. I see in the systray config we have applications vs
>  downloads, but nothing about importance.


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