[PATCH] Turn Powerdevil suspend notification into a dialog

Chani chanika at gmail.com
Wed Sep 23 20:28:33 BST 2009

> btw, the most common response to "you have no battery left" seems to be to
> plug your computer in if there is power nearby or to shut down the system
>  at that point. so if power devil doesn't stop it's "i'm going to suspend"
>  when the power is plugged in, that would be quite unexpected for the user
>  and a common failure scenario in that case. which is to say, that in the
>  small % of cases where this notification is needed one of the two most
>  common operations will prevent any interaction from being needed if power
>  devil does it "right". that means giving enough time to get a power cord
>  and plug it in and auto- aborting when power returns.

that's a very good point. the last time I forgot to plug in, I dived for the 
power cable first and looked for the notification second - by which time it was 
too late. :) 
it seems so obvious now that simply plugging in the power should be a clear 
indicator that I don't want it to shut down.

-abort the countdown if power is restored (assuming this feature isn't already 
-make the timeout longer so I've got time to stop panicking and do something 
about it (yeah, I've seen that notification and gone stupid and not clicked the 
button just because I'm frozen with panic).
-make the notification stay there
-have a nice big button so that it's easier to hit
-change something to make it more noticable (size, colour, *something*... note 
that this shouldn't be a special hack for powerdevil, it should be something 
done to any notification that has highest priority (do we have API for saying 
how important a notification is yet?))

hmm. random thought - it'd be nice if I could put not just kopete but my whole 
computer in a "do not disturb" mode, where the only notifications were critical 
ones. I see in the systray config we have applications vs downloads, but 
nothing about importance.

This message brought to you by eevil bananas and the number 3.
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