inclusion of MathematiK into kde-edu

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Tue Sep 22 18:54:26 BST 2009

On Tuesday 22 September 2009, Michael Pyne wrote:
> On Monday 21 September 2009 16:19:45 Alexander Rieder wrote:
> > I'm looking forward to get your reviews,
> You'll have to please excuse me because I am very lazy by this point but is
> there a website (or more to the point, screenshots?) :)
> Also from a brief glance:
> * The FindLibSpectre.cmake is from kdegraphics.  This isn't a question for
> the author but I wonder what our policy is for merging FindFoo modules so
> that we avoid code duplication?

Moving modules to kdelibs/cmake/modules/ and installing them also means that 
we will have to support them for all of KDE4, and we will have to guarantee 
source compatiblity for them. 
So, there comes a cost with merging modules by moving them to kdelibs and 
installing them.


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