inclusion of MathematiK into kde-edu

Alexander Rieder alexanderrieder at
Mon Sep 21 21:19:45 BST 2009


For the last months I've been coding an application in Playground called 
MathematiK. It's a frontend for other free software mathematics projects (e.g. 
Computer Algebra Systems like Maxima), giving them a nice KDE-based Worksheet 
view like Maple or Mathematica offer. In the free software world it can be best 
compared to WxMaxima (which only offers access to Maxima), but with more 
flexibility, and due to KDE, better looking.
Lately it has matured quite a bit, so I decided to move it to kdereview and 
ask you for inclusion into the KDE Education module (hopefully in time to get 
into 4.4)

Some of the current features are:
- Nice Worksheet view for evaulating Expression
- View of plotting results inside the worksheet
- Easy plugin based structure to add different Backends
- Backends for:
  - the Sage mathematics software (
  - the Maxima Computer Algebra System (
  - the R project for Statistical computing (
- GetHotNewStuff integration to up/download example worksheets (yes, uploading  
from within the app will work. theres only one small problem left in 
- Typesetting of mathematical formulas using LaTeX
- Syntax highlighting depending on the chosen backend
- Plugin based assistant dialogs for common tasks (like integrating a function 
or entering a matrix)

I'm looking forward to get your reviews,

Alexander Rieder

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