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Marco Martin notmart at
Mon Sep 21 11:48:33 BST 2009

On Friday 18 September 2009, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> On September 15, 2009, Michael Pyne wrote:
> > - What does eventFilter do for an icon with no widget?  It's protected,
> > not private, so it should still be documented a bit I think.
> it's a reimplementation of a standard QObject method. that it's a reimp can
> be noted in the apidox but isn't out of the ordinary.
> > - It may be prudent to give an example of a "secondary" activate action,
> > as mentioned in the source code (middle-click)
> my only concern with that is then people start developing apps thinking
> "secondary activation" means "middle click" when that is certainly not
> guaranteed in any way. the apidox would need to be VERY clear on that
> matter.
at the moment in the apidocs i did put "for instance, but not limited to 
middle click, this depends from the visualization implementation"
> > - The detailed description mentioned the Dbus spec.  Is the spec
> > available online to be linked to?
> it's still a draft, but it is available both on gitorious as well as online
> somewhere. Marco probably has the link to the most recent version closer to
> him than i do.


temporary html version(not always exactly up to date):

> > - Several signals are referenced in the APIDOX but not defined
> > (presumably they're private?)  For instance newToolTip() and newStatus().
> they are not private, they are part of the DBus spec

i think should be documented elsewhere. now knotificationitemdbus_p.h is 
documented, but i supposed it's not crawled by doxygen not being exported..

> > - showMessage() is completely undocumented from what I can tell.
> yes, it is currently undocumented. we may end up instead providing a method
> that takes a KNotification object but which does essentially the same thing
> (to the app developer's POV)

i'm definitely interested in integration between this and the notification 
system, but i have no idea about the details right now (i suspect that api-
wise we have time just until freeze right? :/)

> > One thing that is hampering the port is that JuK has a "track
> > announcement popup" that pops up next to the system tray icon.  Without
> > the embeddable widget, JuK doesn't know where the icon is.
> that's because this idea, as implemented, assumes things one can not assume
> about a modern system. such announcements should be associated with the
> KNotificationItem and then the visualization(s) should decide how to
> display them.
> what we need to figure out is how to associate such things with the KNI.
> > So, can I use KNotify for this (the popup would need to support graphics,
> >  rich text, and at least two buttons)?  Would KNotification show up in
> > the right spot?
> not currently, but it's something we'd like to make happen. it would mean
> coordinating the notifications and the notification item specs, but i think
> that makes the most sense.
well, given you have a single systray it does, a tricky part would be pop it 
up in the proper systray

Marco Martin

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