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Fri Sep 18 18:57:10 BST 2009

On September 15, 2009, Michael Pyne wrote:
> - What does eventFilter do for an icon with no widget?  It's protected, not
> private, so it should still be documented a bit I think.

it's a reimplementation of a standard QObject method. that it's a reimp can be 
noted in the apidox but isn't out of the ordinary.

> - It may be prudent to give an example of a "secondary" activate action, as
> mentioned in the source code (middle-click)

my only concern with that is then people start developing apps thinking 
"secondary activation" means "middle click" when that is certainly not 
guaranteed in any way. the apidox would need to be VERY clear on that matter.

> - The detailed description mentioned the Dbus spec.  Is the spec available
> online to be linked to?

it's still a draft, but it is available both on gitorious as well as online 
somewhere. Marco probably has the link to the most recent version closer to 
him than i do.

> - Several signals are referenced in the APIDOX but not defined (presumably
> they're private?)  For instance newToolTip() and newStatus().

they are not private, they are part of the DBus spec

> - showMessage() is completely undocumented from what I can tell.

yes, it is currently undocumented. we may end up instead providing a method 
that takes a KNotification object but which does essentially the same thing 
(to the app developer's POV)

> One thing that is hampering the port is that JuK has a "track announcement
> popup" that pops up next to the system tray icon.  Without the embeddable
> widget, JuK doesn't know where the icon is.

that's because this idea, as implemented, assumes things one can not assume 
about a modern system. such announcements should be associated with the 
KNotificationItem and then the visualization(s) should decide how to display 

what we need to figure out is how to associate such things with the KNI.
> So, can I use KNotify for this (the popup would need to support graphics,
>  rich text, and at least two buttons)?  Would KNotification show up in the
>  right spot?

not currently, but it's something we'd like to make happen. it would mean 
coordinating the notifications and the notification item specs, but i think 
that makes the most sense.

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