Mountable devices support in KDE

David Faure faure at
Fri Sep 18 22:15:13 BST 2009

On Thursday 17 September 2009, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
> 2009/9/14 David Faure <faure at>:
> > IIRC Solid has a way to find the device from the device name like
> > /dev/sdb1, so instead of a kioslave-specific hack, how about using
> > /dev/sdb1 as the path for which to show the popupmenu? "All" we need to
> > do is to show mount/unmount for such paths, and that seems easy to do:
> > just modify
> > KDesktopFileActions::builtinServices (in kio) so that it calls
> > KMountPoint::currentMountPoints().findByDevice(_url.path()) when _url is
> > a device path rather than a .desktop file. Something like the attached
> > patch (untested).
> >
> > Ah, but we can only recognize /dev/sdb1 if it's already mounted;
> > otherwise (if it's not mounted and it's not in fstab), how can we find
> > out it's a mountable device? Via Solid maybe? Kevin? ;)
> >
> > +        if (KDesktopFile::isDesktopFile(path)) {
> It only checks if file name matches *.desktop. And KDE generates
> desktop files without .desktop in name.

Really? Where do we do that?

> > +            if (mp) {
> > +                return path;
> > +            }
> We expect deviceForUrl(...) to return device (/dev/...) not path
> (/home/x/Desktop/harddrive).

The variable "path", in the "else" block of that method was the device, not 
the mountpoint ;)
Proof: findByDevice(path) one line above.

> Moreover KDesktopFileActions::builtinServices is never called, because
> of condition in kfileitemactions.cpp:
> > if (isSingleLocal && d->m_props.mimeType() == "application/x-desktop") {
> > // .desktop file

Yep, I see you fixed that in your patch, good catch.

> I understand your patch was not supposed to work, was not testes. Just
> pointed that to explain why I made changes in my version.


> One question:
> It's very important IMO to backport this (un)mount work to KDE 4.3.
> This KDE is used by openSUSE 11.2 (and KUbuntu 9.10 I guess) so
> hopefully they will still able to update it and provide working
> (un)mount for they distros.

New feature -> no go for 4.3.x.
Sorry but this is "only" about kio_sysinfo, which is in playground...
There are other ways to unmount already (e.g. the plasma device list thingie).

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