KNotificationItem specification - first draft

Michael Pyne mpyne at
Fri Sep 18 19:52:59 BST 2009

On Friday 18 September 2009 13:43:15 Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> >  in the event of a complex tooltip
> what sort of complex tooltip?

A tooltip with a description of the track and the cover art.  The cover art 
itself may be embedded in the music and not a separate file so it would be 
best to have a way to provide the image data directly instead of requiring a 
file (such as what we did with QMimeSourceData or Qt resources now)

> > t I can certainly workaround it in the application
> if you can provide use cases, we can work on solutions.

For the track announcement popup, the use case is that when the track changes 
(and the popup is enabled), a window shows up with a description of the newly 
playing track, its cover art, and a Next and Previous button so that the user 
can quickly switch tracks if they don't like what's currently playing.  
Workarounds include the system tray context menu (which requires two clicks 
and quite a bit of motion) or keyboard shortcuts.

It is important in our case to be able to know what side of the systray icon 
is is best to show the dialog on, as that determines the ideal placement of 
the buttons in the popup.  (Because the track description is variable, the 
popup is variable width.  Therefore the buttons are placed on the side of the 
popup towards the systray icon that way they always appear in the same spot 
for a given position of the systray icon).

The workaround I'm planning on is just to show the popup in some convenient 
spot independent of the position of the systray icon (such as the lower-right 
corner of the screen)  The effect doesn't look as coherent but it would still 

 - Michael Pyne
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