Review Request: Use Solid for (un)mounting in KDesktopFileActions for /dev/* paths

Rafa? Mi?ecki zajec5 at
Thu Sep 17 19:57:55 BST 2009

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Review request for kdelibs.


Use Solid for /dev/* paths in KDesktopFileActions. This lets kio_sysinfo pass device path and KDesktopFileActions will offer (un)mount option for that.

See for details.

I would like to commit this to both: KDE 4.3 and trunk. Currently it is not possible to easy (un)mount devices (I mean in any way, only DeviceNotifier works) and that will affect openSUSE's and KUbuntu's users.
Hopefully we will able to release new KDE 4.3 with these patches, so we will strongly improve user experience for many distros.


  /branches/KDE/4.3/kdelibs/kio/kio/kfileitemactions.cpp 1023881 
  /branches/KDE/4.3/kdelibs/kio/kio/kdesktopfileactions.cpp 1023881 



I tested this with kio_sysinfo, works great. I can mount & unmount without problems. Also mounting via DeviceNotifier and ummounting via sysinfo doesn't cause problems.

Hopefully it doesn't introduce any regressions to desktop files handling, but testing is always welcome.



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