kdelibs (tests) doesn't build against qt 4.6.0-tp1

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Sep 17 17:09:42 BST 2009

Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Here I thought that I had fixed the issue... I'm sorry for being aggressive

Thanks, I appreciate that. Please also accept my apology for becoming 
so... irate about it.

> If the issue isn't fixed, someone please send a patch.

I'd say dfaure is on the right track. But... unless you can drop the 
test from *everywhere*, then I don't think this can be fixed┬╣. 
Basically, it looks like 4.5.x QtTest/QtTest included the contents of 
qtestmouse.h, and kdevelop was relying on this. Some of the others went 
after deeper headers and so are okay with less changes (e.g. you /did/ 
fix kdebase, which went after qtestmouse.h directly), but...

(┬╣ By "fixed" I mean so that no source changes are required.)

That said, I'm looking at qtest_kde.h and thinking that '#define 
QT_GUI_LIB' there is maybe a better fix for KDE. Personally I tend to 
agree with dfaure, this isn't a bad enough SIC to worry about, if the 
change must be made to fix another important bug.

Please do not quote my e-mail address unobfuscated in message bodies.
Sorry, but I can't look into that right now. I'm running low on 
sacrificial chickens.

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