kdelibs (tests) doesn't build against qt 4.6.0-tp1

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 16 23:45:48 BST 2009

David Faure wrote:
> I think you're assuming that we were #including qtestmouse.h directly,
> but we were not. It turns out the tests were including QTestEvent,
> and that's where the QT_GUI_LIB check is now,

Apparently kdebase does include qtestmouse.h directly. So I reverted the 
change to that CMakeLists.txt.

KDevelop doesn't. I'll let apaku or someone else decide how they want to 
handle that, if they want to make changes. (Before committing a revert 
please test against 4.6; I'd be happy to do that test if requested.) 
Though personally I'm inclined to prefer -DQT_GUI_LIB over including 
quasi-public (non-CamelCase '.h') Qt headers.

> so the change is still SIC.
> Which I can accept since it's needed for other reasons, and doesn't happen
> with qmake, and there is a solution, including <QTestGui>.

...and which is why I said the change is "unfortunate" (it is), not 
"something that needs to be reverted" (only if someone thinks of a way 
to solve the original problem that isn't SIC, and from the comment, this 
seems unlikely).

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