kdelibs (tests) doesn't build against qt 4.6.0-tp1

Alexis Ménard menard at kde.org
Wed Sep 16 19:46:46 BST 2009

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 7:16 PM, Matthew Woehlke <
mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Em Quarta-feira 16. Setembro 2009, às 18.20.01, Matthew Woehlke escreveu:
>>> Please quit naming the "latest" branch by version, and name it something
>>> like 'kde-latest-recommended', or even 'master', so that a year from now
>>> when KDE trunk moves to 4.7, we don't again have to make everyone change
>>> branches by hand.
>> Thanks, but no thanks.
>> You have to change branches because... it's a different branch.
> ...which is a significant step backwards from qt-copy.
> Before, when KDE switched to a new Qt version, qt-copy got updated, and so
> long as you're paying attention, you see that it updates and know to
> rebuild.
> Now, there has to be an official announcement and everyone has to manually
> switch branches. And people that don't follow the lists closely are going to
> have broken builds because they don't know to update.
> You'll excuse me if I fail to see how this is an improvement.

You see it as a non-developer point of view. Have you ever write a patch for
qt-copy? Have you ever manage them? If yes you should know what i'll write

I did both even before i joined Qt Developer Frameworks. Having the history
of Qt, a way to ask for merging was a dream i had at that time. The guy that
update qt-copy has to manually test/fix/update/remove KDE patches at each
release (painful). Now KDE can ask merge request with a better tracking, we
can rebase patches/cherry-pick patches from qt-repo. Qt-copy is really bad
for trolls because there is no connection with our repo (qt-copy is also
used when trolls push patches there in order to KDE to run fine while the
next patch release is cooking) and for KDE people no way to submit easily
patches and have feedback on them, which explain why some of them are still
in qt-copy. Now there is a way to communicate let's use it.

Sorry if you have to do git checkout -b branch origin/branch once a while...

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