kdelibs (tests) doesn't build against qt 4.6.0-tp1

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Sep 16 01:41:23 BST 2009

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Thiago Macieira wrote:
>> Em Terça-feira 15 Setembro 2009, às 00:57:08, você escreveu:
>>> See subject. The problem is that some headers (QtTest/qtestmouse.h) are
>>> no longer processed unless QT_GUI_LIB is defined.
>>> I'm inclined to add 'add_definitions(-DQT_GUI_LIB)' to
>>> kdeui/tests/CMakeLists.txt (since there are several affected tests), but
>>> that seems sub-optimal. Thoughts?
>> Either that or you add #include <QtTest/QtTestGui>.
>> This new header I added yesterday and it's unofficial.
> Well then add_definitions would seem to be preferred if I am going to 
> commit anything, since otherwise it will cause trunk to depend on 
> something close to qt "trunk", and I don't believe we've made trunk 
> officially require even tp1 yet, have we?

Unless someone objects / has a better idea, I am going to start 
committing 'add_definitions(-DQT_GUI_LIB)' to those places that need it 
by Thursday. So far this is:
- kdelibs/kdeui/tests
- kdebase/apps/konqueror/src/tests
- kdevelop/tools/coverage/tests

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