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Michael Pyne mpyne at
Tue Sep 15 21:42:47 BST 2009

Hi all,

So I took the opportunity to try porting JuK's system tray icon to 
KNotificationItem.  Here's some feedback:

* First off, I like the idea as I've always thought that embedded widgets was 
probably the wrong way to be going about notification item entries in the 
first place, and this has been working fine for me so far, which is good.
* The API documentation could use improvement.  I've fixed up some of the 
errors that I saw but here's some specifics:
- I had to read the source to be sure that I could remove an overlay icon by 
doing setOverlayIconByName(QString()) for instance.
- What is "bool active" in activateRequested for?
- There's a lot of mixing of QIcon and "pixmap" (more on that in a bit)
- What does eventFilter do for an icon with no widget?  It's protected, not 
private, so it should still be documented a bit I think.
- It may be prudent to give an example of a "secondary" activate action, as 
mentioned in the source code (middle-click)
- setAttentionIconByName mentions a pixmap paramete
- The detailed description mentioned the Dbus spec.  Is the spec available 
online to be linked to?
- Several signals are referenced in the APIDOX but not defined (presumably 
they're private?)  For instance newToolTip() and newStatus().
- What are the title and subtitle for in tool tips?  Can they be HTML/rich 
text? (It's easy enough to test, but it would be nice to be clear in the 
- showMessage() is completely undocumented from what I can tell.
* "These two will die..." in knotificationitem.h.  If it's true that the
setAttentionMovie overloads for the QVectors will not make it I'd recommend 
removing it now (or BIC Monday) before the release so we don't forget.
* Is it not possible to use const QMovie * instead of QMovie * in 
setAttentionMovie?  I see no reason a read-only movie can't be shown in the 
system tray.
* setToolTip(const QPixmap&, const QString &, const QString &) is declared in 
the .h but never implemented in the .cpp :(

Of course that's all minor stuff that didn't interfere in the port (except for 
the tooltips, but I'll make it work).  I was pleasantly surprised to see that 
both scroll wheel and middle-mouse click detection were present for instance.

One thing that is hampering the port is that JuK has a "track announcement 
popup" that pops up next to the system tray icon.  Without the embeddable 
widget, JuK doesn't know where the icon is.

So, can I use KNotify for this (the popup would need to support graphics, rich 
text, and at least two buttons)?  Would KNotification show up in the right 

If this isn't the case, what would be the best way to get access to that 
information?  Preferably we wouldn't have to re-tool the spec at this late 

Thanks for your time,

 - Michael Pyne
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