situation with window decorations

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Sat Sep 5 00:49:13 BST 2009

Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> On lunedì 31 agosto 2009, Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:
>> (ok. Original email was sent to the wrong list. Re-sending to
>> kde-core-devel)
>> - button size: I would like to keep it, I actually think it _is_ a
>> useful feature for disabled people (or when using very large screens).
> Erm... Sorry to jump in the discussion like this, but all the old style 
> decorations calculate the titlebar size from the window font size - thus 
> button size is a function of the title font size. Maybe you can use the same 
> method to skip an explicit configuration option?
I agree that it does not make much sense to have huge buttons and tiny 
title text (or vice versa).
But on the other hand a one-to-one correspondance between font size and 
button size might not be flexible enough ...
No strong opinion pro or con.
> Another option common to all decorations was the ability to specify a window 
> border size between various presets. This too was meant to be an accessibility 
> feature.
Yes. Nitrogen could not use it so far because the kwin implementation 
has no room for NoBorder
(and I don't think it's a good idea to make "tiny" be "no border" - 
sorry Thomas ;-))

Now if people discuss the possibility to have a kwin sizegrip, then 
maybe a kwin No Border option makes sense too.
(in which case nitrogen would use the kwin build-in window borders 
rather than its own implementation. It has the big advantage that when 
you change the kwin implemented border in kcm, the preview is 
immediately updated, unlike any other option).

> Luciano

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