[PATCH] Detecting notification popup server capabilities

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 22:36:53 BST 2009

On 8/28/09, Aurélien Gâteau <aurelien.gateau at canonical.com> wrote:
> Sebastian Trüg a écrit :
>> sounds like a weird solution to me. What are apps supposed to do in such a
>> case? Just not add actions? That can be handled on another level I
>> suppose.
> I was indeed thinking about this: just letting knotify discard the
> action if the notification server does not support them. I can easily
> provide a patch to do this.
that's the best way

> Still, I think it's useful to let applications know whether actions are
> supported or not. This way they can switch to other means of
they are really a model/view approach, and the model shouldn't need to
know about the view

> interactions (the other means in Ubuntu being message indicators, which
> I am working on as well, see [1])
> Aurélien
> [1]: http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/4043

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