[PATCH] Detecting notification popup server capabilities

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at canonical.com
Tue Sep 1 09:38:46 BST 2009

Olivier Goffart wrote:
> Le Monday 31 August 2009, Aurélien Gâteau a écrit :
>> Olivier Goffart wrote:
>>> Because the user may configure each notification not to show any popup,
>>> or to do something else,  the programmer may never rely on the popup
>>> being show or having all the action.
>>> So what is the use case for this?
>>> If the developper of an application whish to show a popup that will
>>> always be seen, and expect always an action in return, KNotification is
>>> not the right thing to use, and it is better to use the visual
>>> notification dirrectly to do it. (But there is no such API)
>> Very true. What could be done is to add a member method like this:
>> bool KNotification::supportActions() const
>> This method would check whether the knotify plugins associated with this
>> notification support actions. knotify would then do something like this:
>> for plugin in pluginSelectedForThisNotification:
>>      if plugin.supportActions():
>>          return True
>> return False
>> In the current implementation, all plugins would return False in
>> supportActions(), except NotifyByPopup which would return True if the
>> current popup server supports actions.
>> Would it make sense to implement this?
> Which application would need this and what for?
Not much, see my answer to Parker Coates.


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