Allow putting .policy files in a different location than /usr/PolicyKit

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Thu Sep 3 09:47:30 BST 2009

Hello lists,

I will make the situation pretty clear in a fast way: at the moment we (as in 
developers) at KDE have a small problem regarding PolicyKit, after it has been 
deeply integrated in 4.4 (trunk).

It seems like there is no way to tell polkit to look for .policy files in a 
different location than $installationprefix/share/PolicyKit/policy. This issue 
is actually blocking most of the developers from using polkit features, as we 
mostly install trunk stuff in a different prefix than /usr (where polkit is 
reasonably installed). Also please note that we know of many different KDE and 
GNOME setups where the installation is not in the standard /usr prefix, but 
more on a remote share.

I would like to ask David if there's a way for specifying a different include 
path in PolicyKit.conf, just like DBus allows that for policy files and 
activation services, and if it's not possible at the moment, please really 
consider this as a feature for polkit 1.0, it is really easy to include and 
you would make a lot of people happier. I can also try and create a patch 
myself for this, with some decent guidance.


Dario Freddi
KDE Developer
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