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Nicola Gigante gigabytes at me.com
Wed Sep 2 18:02:21 BST 2009

Il giorno 02/set/2009, alle ore 18.55, Dario Freddi  
<drf54321 at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi all,
> just before people start screaming at random brokeness, let's make  
> some
> clarifications. Let's start with some points we all should agree with
> (hopefully)
> - Software that do not belong to system space should be installable in
> userspace
> - Software in userspace should not even attempt to perform root  
> operations
> - KDE can be built without kauth => polkit, having, by result, all  
> root
> actions denied, so it correctly fits with previous statements
> Now, that said, I still do not understand where is the problem with  
> polkit. If
> you are installing stuff userspace, you should be aware of its  
> limitations.
> Not having Kauth does _NOT_ compromise your environment, it just  
> locks you out
> from privileged operations, which is quite bearable.
> I already fixed cmake (more or less, still have to test throughly)  
> to make
> stuff install outside /usr and /etc, and I will also make it spit a  
> warning on
> install if these files are installed outside, so people who really  
> care about
> having things privileged working can simply issue a sudo mv.
> Also, saying that a software is broken just because it does not  
> allow you to
> include config files from elsewhere just seems to me unrespectful  
> towards his
> developer, no matter if it's a *Kit or GNOME stuff, especially  
> because there
> are possible good reasons for doing that.
> Ah, for the records, we just found out that changing the include  
> path for dbus
> policy/autostart files seems not to work on most installations. So  
> are we
> going to call DBus broken and move it outside of KDE? I think it  
> won't happen.
> PolicyKit is decent software (even if 0.x is not really nice API- 
> wise), and
> it's improving, no matter where it comes from. It's not perfect, but  
> it works
> and it's the only solution we have out there (thanks god, I don't  
> want a mass
> of clones coming out), it is maintained, sponsored and it has a  
> future. Also
> people from Red Hat are helping a lot in the transition to polkit-1.
> That said, I hope you realized that these 3 file won't make your pc  
> explode if
> they are not installed in the right location but will just prevent  
> you using
> systemsettings to change the system date/time and from killing  
> privileged
> processes with KSysGuard, hence will not prevent you from developing  
> and
> rocking on KDE as usual.
> Hoping that this could put an end to the random hate.

I quote everything :-)

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