PolicyKit + KDE

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Sep 2 19:53:34 BST 2009

On 02.09.09 18:55:47, Dario Freddi wrote:
> Now, that said, I still do not understand where is the problem with polkit. If 
> you are installing stuff userspace, you should be aware of its limitations. 

The problem is that some things where (are?) set to be installed outside of
KDE's prefix, more importantly it tried to install into a location that is
not writeable by an ordinary user. As kauth has (hopefully) gone through a
review process before moving it to kdelibs it suggests that this was
intentional because anything else wouldn't work with policykit. At least
thats the thoughts I had.

> I already fixed cmake (more or less, still have to test throughly) to make 
> stuff install outside /usr and /etc, and I will also make it spit a warning on 
> install if these files are installed outside, so people who really care about 
> having things privileged working can simply issue a sudo mv.

Hmm, a mv? Sorry thats not a solution, can polkit not be configured to find
its policy files elsewhere than /usr? I'd really like to use the related
features, but I'm not going to interrupt my packaging system for that (and
moving stuff to /etc or /usr is exactly that).
> Also, saying that a software is broken just because it does not allow you to 
> include config files from elsewhere just seems to me unrespectful towards his 
> developer, no matter if it's a *Kit or GNOME stuff, especially because there 
> are possible good reasons for doing that.

Maybe broken is a bit hard, incomplete might be better. I consider any
software forcing me to screw with my packaging system to add something to
it at least incomplete (tbh I consider it broken, but thats just my
> PolicyKit is decent software (even if 0.x is not really nice API-wise), and 
> it's improving, no matter where it comes from.

I don't care at all where it comes from, I only care about that it forces
things onto me which I cannot possibly do.

> That said, I hope you realized that these 3 file won't make your pc explode if 
> they are not installed in the right location but will just prevent you using 
> systemsettings to change the system date/time and from killing privileged 
> processes with KSysGuard, hence will not prevent you from developing and 
> rocking on KDE as usual.

See above, unless its possible with polkit to enable it to read these files
from elsewhere than /usr, polkit stays incomplete/broken in my opinion. 


You plan things that you do not even attempt because of your extreme caution.

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