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Em Quarta-feira 2. Setembro 2009, às 02.09.15, Matthew Woehlke escreveu:
> That said, I guess I don't understand how PK works that this is even 
> needed. If PK says "user may edit <certain things>", why does it matter 
> if the user does that via package from packaged KDE, /bin/vi, or some 
> cobbled-together C program they just compiled? Since you are talking 
> about installing policy files I must guess that this is not how PK works?

Please note that the problem isn't PolicyKit.

Note the list of files that John posted:


This is about ksysguard, not about PolicyKit. It's about requesting that the 
processlister service be started as a D-Bus system service (which means it 
runs under a different UID) and that acquiring some privileges.

Apparently there's some special action that the process list helper can take 
on behalf of the user that needs to be authenticated first.

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