KNotificationItem class name is confusing

Marco Martin notmart at
Thu Oct 29 09:21:18 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 28 October 2009, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Em Quarta-feira 28 Outubro 2009, às 09:57:08, Aurélien Gâteau escreveu:
> > At the risk of starting yet another lengthy discussion, I would like to
> > bring this to the list. As you probably know, kdelibs 4.4 will ship with
> > KNotificationItem, a class wrapping the brand new dbus-based
> > implementation of the systemtray protocol, saving us from the wrath of
> > X-Embed.
> I still need to take a look at the D-Bus side from that API to see if it's
> properly done and doesn't cause unnecessary wakeups.
> Any calls to ListNames is a bad API. If there's anything missing in D-Bus
> itself, it's time we started contributing to that project.
i tried to use properties and asyncronous GetAll when possible (there are 
still some syncronous getters but i want to change it before freeze)
is this the right approach?

Marco Martin

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