New oxygen widget style branch committed [was: "animations" in oxygen style]

Hugo Pereira Da Costa hugo.pereira at
Wed Oct 28 17:32:28 GMT 2009

as suggested by Aaron, I committed a separate branch of the oxygen 
widget style at:


- is based on the current trunk version of the style (at 
- adds a number of subtle animations to the style, consistently with 
what has been discussed on kde-devel ml already, and with Nuno on IRC.

This includes "smooth" glow of buttons, sliders, scrollbars, tabs, 
lineEditor, etc.

This is a "minimal" set of animations. There are more fancy animations 
we could try to include (I was thinking "follow-mouse hover rect for 
MenuBars, ToolBars, Menus; smooth fade-in/fade-out when switching tabs 
in a stacked widget, when changing text of a QLabel, when clearing a 
QTextEdit/QLineEdit, etc.), but since these are more experimental, and 
controversial, I would rather push this minimal set first, in order to 
have it in kde4.4 disregarding the more fancy stuff.

I tested the animations quite extensively already over the past couple 
of weeks, but would like to have others feedback on:

- how it feels
- how acceptable the  code implementation is.

I put a README in there that details a bit the code implementation.

Also note that I put there a CMakeList.txt file that should allow one to 
compile the style "standalone", and tested this against both kde4.3.2  
and trunk. (so that in principle you don't need to have a fresh svn KDE 
to test the above).

If all goes well, I'd like to have this merged with the "trunk" oxygen 
style before kde4.4 soft freeze (November 4th, that is, within a week 
from now).

Inputs _highly_ appreciated.


PS: Many thanks to Tom Albers (Toma) for helping creating the branch.
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