Version mismatch when building trunk

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at
Fri Oct 16 19:14:51 BST 2009

> So we really want to switch to git at some point in the future ?
> I've seen several times now in the last weeks to some git-related question an
> answer like "you just need to do "$ git magic spell of the day" and it will
> work" that I have slight doubts that it might be just too complicated.
> With svn/cvs I just needed co/update/commit/diff, sometimes status/log, very
> rarely blame/copy/move. What I have seen here for git looked so much more
> complicated, and additionally it seems I still have to actually _learn_ how
> to deal with all the branches, trees, roots, etc, while I basically just want
> HEAD and the current release branch.

IMO problem is we are not only changing VCSs but also changing paradigms.

In Subversion, the default branch always had the advised stuff. The
only thing I had to take care of is "svn up" to update sources.

With git, we are saying "there is no default branch! you must change
to branch XXX and keep it updated" so now I need to know what is the
advised branch *and* have that branch updated. That makes it quite
difficult to follow unless you keep both eyes on k-c-d, qt labs,
planetkde and whatnot.

I think it would be easier if the master branch in git always pointed
to the advised release. I. e. instead of cloning kde-qt.git and
finding "master" branch is 4.5.2, therefore after cloning 4.5.2 is the
version I have, please rename the former "master" to "4.5.2",
"4.5.2-patched" or whatever, and rename "4.6-stable" (or
"4.6-stable-patched", can't remember now) to "master". This way, when
I git clone kde-qt.git, or qt.git, I am in the branch I should use to

Now we have these branches:
   master -> 4.5.2

and ask people to do "git checkout -b 4.6-stable-patched
origin/4.6-stable-patched" after cloning. Not intuitive unless you
know git to a certain degree (more than basics). When Qt 4.7 is
released, we'd have:
   master -> 4.5.2

and would ask people to checkout 4.7-stable-patched.

What we should have:

* Now:
    master -> 4.6-stable-patched

* When 4.7 is released:
   master ->4.7-stable-patched


(I've used 4.7 instead of 4.6 RC1, 4.6 beta 1, etc so that it's easier
to understand what I mean: "master" should always be the latest Qt
used to develop KDE, at least in kde-qt.git)

My 2 cents.

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)

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