Removing the (outdated and unmaintained) Energy KCM

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Wed Oct 14 16:08:08 BST 2009

On Wednesday 14 October 2009 17:01:01 you wrote: 
> Nice to hear that PowerDevil works on Desktop PCs and that the
> code/utils depending on the energy kcm config can be migrated to use
> PowerDevil.
> So, the question is, what is the next step ? Besides removing the
> "energy" folder from kdebase/workspace/kcontrol; should we implement
> some other kind of configuration migration?

Nope; if PowerDevil is activated, it's already taking care of DPMS handling

> should we modify some
> other workspace default option to set PowerDevil as the main power
> manager ?


The only dislike that might arise are the fact that if the an user wants to 
kill PowerDevil, he will have no DPMS handling, but I think it makes sense.

Btw, Lithium is an alternative Power Manager (don't know if it's still 
maintained), so it would probably not need that code no longer and roll its 
own configuration for DPMS handling

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