Oxygen and libkio (was: Bespin)

Armin Berres armin at space-based.de
Tue Oct 6 00:31:15 BST 2009

On Mon, 05 Oct 09 17:32, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> release and the fixes to appear.  I think the only major one left is
> not oxygen related, but the fact that distros are unlinking kio from
> oxygen so the file dialog is no longer the kde one, but the qt one.
> :\

True thing. We have the problem e.g. in Debian, because our tools are to
clever. They notice that there is no reason to link against libkio
(reason == no used symbols) and therefore remove the linkage against
libkio. I have it on my TODO-list to work around this, but sadly I did
not find any time yet.
Maybe one could work around this upstream by adding some fake code  to
Oxygen which uses libkio symbols and tricks the tools?


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