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Mon Oct 5 22:44:30 BST 2009

On Oct 5, 2009, at 5:37 PM, Hugo Pereira Da Costa wrote:

> Benjamin Meyer wrote:
>> On Oct 5, 2009, at 3:18 PM, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
>>> On October 5, 2009, Thomas L├╝bking wrote:
>>>> Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:
>>>>> Is it better if we get them?
>>>> No, no one should get bug reports.
>>> as long as bugs exist, someone will get them.
>>> the Plasma team faced a style related crash in plasma-overlay with  
>>> the QtCurve
>>> style (and forks of that style, of which there are a few). we kept  
>>> sending the
>>> reporters to the QtCurve project until the problem was identified  
>>> and fixed.
>>> it took several months overlapping two different KDE releases to  
>>> get this
>>> sorted out. it sucks that apps get the reports first, but you're  
>>> right that
>>> the user won't know any better. so the app devs need to send those  
>>> reports on
>>> to the style devs.
>> Every style goes through some bad times.  Arora has similar issues  
>> with Oxygen which was in really bad shape in KDE 4.0 & 4.1 to the  
>> point that I added explicit code that when oxygen was detected to  
>> change to plastique style.  I was just getting way to many bug  
>> reports which were bugs in the oxygen style and it made the  
>> application look bad in the eyes of the users.
> Hi Benjamin,
> Is this anti-oxygen code still in Arora now ? I'd still be  
> interested in getting these bug reports (if still valid) and fix  
> oxygen accordingly (that's basically the only way I know to move  
> forward ...)

This anti-oxygen code was only in Arora for one release.  I of course  
started getting many bug reports that the style looked wrong... no win  
situation. :)  It was only going to be in there until 4.3 was released  
anyway.  The only minor thing I noticed recently was that the  
checkbox's in gmail are all cut off.   A developer on #oxygen helped  
me fix a bunch of the issues (sorry I forget who) this spring.  If you  
load up arora in 4.3 it doesn't look that bad now.  When using Qt 4.6  
we even get the icons in the menu's :)

-Benjamin Meyer

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