Thomas Lübking thomas.luebking at
Mon Oct 5 19:29:38 BST 2009

Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:

> Is it better if we get them? 
No, no one should get bug reports.
The problem is that apps will always be the first hook for such report - even if 
it's in a library or external plugin.

You are aware that the recent bug and all reports on it would have popped up 
regardless of the presence of those hacks?

If i ever just forget to initialize a variable or trigger a recursion in e.g. 
an eventFilter, and this crashes amarok, you may get a bug report.
That's not fair, but just how things are atm.

> Please understand that those are your changes so you are responsible for the 
bug reports. 
I have scanned amarok on for Bespin references and actually i did 
/not/ find any report related to these hacks.

The only one (and really often duplicated) is the recent bug in Bespin - which 
i'm very sorry for, but that is /not/ related to any Amarok specific code at 
(It was really a general bug with the potential to crash the entire desktop - 
Amarok was just unlucky to ran into it for an apparent rare condition)

Other than this, i found more references to the QTextCodec item which appears 
to be related to a malloc error and fixed.
(So even if this was a bug in Bespin -though a question on this was negated- 
it's been due to a general programming error rather than to some specific 

What I want to say is:
right now i'm not aware of any bug or even just flaw related to these 
modifications (and i /do/ get bug reports à la "Works in Oxygen") and i feel 
rather unpleasant with taking this away from end users without any knowledge 
about any trouble caused by exactly this.

See: /I/ would have to explain this, and the "I was asked by amarok guys & 
girls" answer would be pretty weak and in doubt Amarok could then get mean 
postings on /this/.

So please help me to create a picture on the issue beyond "we don't like it" - 
what can understand, but fear to be unable to sell to the Bespin users. :-\

Kind regards,

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