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Mon Oct 5 17:22:13 BST 2009

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 17:08, Thomas L├╝bking <thomas.luebking at> wrote:
> Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:
>>Can we undo this all really soon and start over with no Amarok hacks?
> The context view toggle is allready redundant and no more applied to recent
> versions, but please understand that if I remove everything now and w/o any
> counterwork on Amarok, /I/ will very likely get a lot of regression bug
> reports very soon :-(

Is it better if we get them? Please understand that those are your
changes so you are responsible for the bug reports. On top of that it
is a lot easier for you to do a new release. (Each Amarok release
currently takes about 2 days of my time, which I hardly have at the
moment and would rather spend on finishing my studies.) Not to speak
of the fact that those hacks really shouldn't exist in the first place

> Please also understand: these changes are
> - optional
> - deactivated by default
> So no end user is (even accidently) /forced/ into some Amarok changes.
> The default is to present a vanilla version.
>> We are always very open to patches.
> Well, this has recently changed, but i can hear the echos of "No Lego
> bricking" "No the context view will stay there" "Svg skin isn't supposed to be
> changed" and errr: "Yes, We know better" - or so.
> There was a lot of trouble on this about a year ago or so :-(

There were/are reasons for all of those. Some of it changed. Nobody is
perfect. Which brings me back to getting rid of all of the hacks now.

>> Everything else is bound to cause trouble as we see now.
> Not excatly.
> The recent bug was entirely unrelated to this.
> In fact, the only trouble/reports I had on the /hacks/ were:
> - they just didn't apply for a short time on trunk (item names changed or so)
> - i needed to adjust the UI element detection (on the QSplitter/QDockWidget
> transition)
>> I'm of course happy to work with you to get your changes properly
>> integrated into Amarok as far as they make sense.
> I /assume/ the biggest hack might become redundant due to the NG toolbar -
> though i don't know about Amarok's future plans on this.
> So I was about to wait and see ;-)

Let's remove it now and talk about our plans for the toolbar. The
toolbar is a problem and we are tossing around ideas how to improve
it. Now is the time to come up with ideas and code. No hacks needed.

> Other than this it just allows to manipulate frame styles. (All sunken / All
> off)
> I'd however be happy to work on the UI with you.


> Are there any strategical struts described (i.e. "we want this direction and
> that, but no way the other one")

We have directions and plans for a lot of stuff of course. But I can
tell you more if you tell me which part of Amarok exactly.

>> Please push harder next time. Poke me in any case. I will make sure
>> the right people see your email/post/bug report.
> Will do, thank you.

Great. Thanks :)


Lydia Pintscher
Amarok community manager - -

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