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Mon Oct 5 14:35:44 BST 2009

On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 11:49 AM, Thomas Lübking <thomas.luebking at> wrote:
> Am Sunday 04 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:
>> There have been other issues before. Mostly reports on IRC. I will ask
>> users to file bugs on sf from now on.
> Thanks, bug reports on irc won't help anyone ;-)
>> Only mentioned on IRC several times, sorry.
> Do you recall some description or a user who encountered such?
>> Why is Amarok specific code needed?
> I guess you're aware that "some" users were not entirely happy with the 2.0 UI
> changes.
> Long story:
> In the beginning i only wanted to change the colors a bit (a black header with
> white text)
> I found the svg skin, adjusted it to my taste and figuresd that the text
> remained white.
> I then asked on the amarok forum on how to change the colors and the answer
> was: "Your're not supposed to alter the svg skin"
> ... ok.  **** ***!
> So i looked around what i could do and just ended up overriding the paint
> routine.
> While i was at it, i thought i could override the slider as well.
> The i wondered whether i could safe some space by using a QDial for the
> volume..
> And i took it as a challenge to get the current track info into the unused
> space above the slider....
> ... and a cover...
> ... i couldn't make too much use of the context view - esp. as i no had the
> info in the toolbar.
> So i started hiding it. (This is of course now no more necessary and not used
> for 2.2)
> The i got (several) user requests to make the context view visibility dynamic.
> ... And a minimode (which i already wanted for juk)
> I swear to god:
> it started with the colors... and somehow got out of control ;-)
> A "bug" in amarok (as in many other KDE apps btw.) is however the usage of
> palette->setColor(QPalette::Base, Qt::transparent);
> to get itemviews, well... transparent.
> (for one, any information on the effective bg color -QPalette::Window- is lost
> and worse: the rgb component of Qt::transparent is Qt::black...)
> A better approach was to use ::setAutoFillBackground(false); (though it's not
> /that/ easy if you don't bring your own delegate - Qt hardcodes QPalette::Text
> as foreground :-(
> I think i hve reported that some times (by mail... ing lists), then gave up
> and sought for a general workaround.

Are you seriously hacking Amarok by using a QStyle? This is serious
abuse IMO and we shouldn't be surprised that its screwing things up
for our mutual users. eg, How in the heck are you going to keep up
with changes as we make them if you start coupling yourself to the
inner workings of Amaok?

And I think you missed the point Lydia was making about the Xlib
calls: not that it causes a trouble on people without X11, but that it
causes trouble on some versions of X11.


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