Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Mon Oct 5 11:56:19 BST 2009

Am Monday 05 October 2009 schrieb Eike Hein:
> We had several walk-ins in #konversation who complained
> about tab switching being very slow when Bespin was used.
> I could dig up one of their Freenode nicks in the log:
> [Friday 11 September 2009] [22:53:57] <alexex>  Do you already know that
> there is an enourmus performance slowdown in konversation, when using
> the besping style?
I'll try to hang around in #konversation, waiting for him to pop up.
If you get such complains again,  please feel free to forward them to, there click the "Report a Bug" item.

I do not experience any special slowdown on changing (channel) tabs,  but 
please notice that there's a feature  to animate tab changes (with a 
configurable speed) what /can/ be pretty expensive depending on graphicssystem, 
GPU and tab content (the current and the next tab need to be rendered into 
buffers, then a curtain is presented and the visual animation takes place 
The buffer rendering can be slow if widget->render(), 
(any suspicious widgets used in konversation?)
the animation (esp crossfading) if the GPU/Graphicssystem combination is.
Animation is cut off if buffering is slow (though this could be more fine 

In doubt the solution would be to switch off fancy tab animation - then nothing 
differs from the normal behaviour.


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