Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at
Sun Oct 4 17:49:31 BST 2009

Am Sunday 04 October 2009 schrieb Lydia Pintscher:
> There have been other issues before. Mostly reports on IRC. I will ask
> users to file bugs on sf from now on.
Thanks, bug reports on irc won't help anyone ;-)
> Only mentioned on IRC several times, sorry.
Do you recall some description or a user who encountered such? 

> Why is Amarok specific code needed?
I guess you're aware that "some" users were not entirely happy with the 2.0 UI 

Long story:
In the beginning i only wanted to change the colors a bit (a black header with 
white text)
I found the svg skin, adjusted it to my taste and figuresd that the text 
remained white.
I then asked on the amarok forum on how to change the colors and the answer 
was: "Your're not supposed to alter the svg skin"
... ok.  **** ***!
So i looked around what i could do and just ended up overriding the paint 
While i was at it, i thought i could override the slider as well.
The i wondered whether i could safe some space by using a QDial for the 
And i took it as a challenge to get the current track info into the unused 
space above the slider....
... and a cover...
... i couldn't make too much use of the context view - esp. as i no had the 
info in the toolbar.
So i started hiding it. (This is of course now no more necessary and not used 
for 2.2)
The i got (several) user requests to make the context view visibility dynamic.
... And a minimode (which i already wanted for juk)

I swear to god: 
it started with the colors... and somehow got out of control ;-)

A "bug" in amarok (as in many other KDE apps btw.) is however the usage of
palette->setColor(QPalette::Base, Qt::transparent);
to get itemviews, well... transparent.
(for one, any information on the effective bg color -QPalette::Window- is lost 
and worse: the rgb component of Qt::transparent is Qt::black...)
A better approach was to use ::setAutoFillBackground(false); (though it's not 
/that/ easy if you don't bring your own delegate - Qt hardcodes QPalette::Text 
as foreground :-(
I think i hve reported that some times (by mail... ing lists), then gave up 
and sought for a general workaround.

> I will contact the reporter again.
I just dropped Rasmus a mail - so if you not already did, this might be off 
your shoulders =D


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