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Matteo Agostinelli agostinelli at
Thu Oct 1 10:15:47 BST 2009

On Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 19:29, Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at> wrote:
> On September 30, 2009, Matteo Agostinelli wrote:
>> Also, I would like to add that this is not meant to be a replacement of the
>> existing calculator but an optional "enhanced" calculator, since it
>>  requires an additional external dependency (libqalculate). So IMO the
>>  current choice of branding (name and icon) could be acceptable. If there
> so i finally got it built and found some time to test it. some input:
> * it uses QHttp; it must use KIO instead
> * the network access in QalculateEngine::updateExchangeRates() is blocking
> rather than async

Is it ok if I use KIO::NetAccess:download()? I see in the
documentation that "The functions appear to be blocking, but the Qt
event loop continues running while the operations are handled. This
means that the GUI will not freeze." So is this function suitable in
this case?

> * there's nothing that defines the widget as being a calculator when it's just
> sitting there. perhaps when there are no results the qalculate icon could be
> painted in the results area? or even the icon and the name? probably don't
> want to do anything with the line edit as it should have as much space as
> possible

Agreed. The qalculate icon is now painted in the results area.

> * minor issue: there's a tooltip even when the widget is shown fully on the
> desktop that probably isn't overly useful


>>  are no objections, I would like to move it to kdeplasma-addons next
>>  weekend. I am willing to mantain it in the future.
> i'm cool with this; the code looks good and if you are willing / able to
> maintain it -> win! :) i look forward to seeing this in plasma-addons for 4.4.
> do you have a checkout of kdebase around? if you do, could you put an entry in
> workspace/plasma/design/CHANGELOG-4.4 for this? (if not, i can do it for you)

Yes, I can do this.

> btw, is libqalculate thread safe? if so, would you be interested in hooking up
> qalculate to the calculator runner? if qalculate doesn't exist, it could fall
> back to the current "evaluate it using qscript" method, but if qalculate does
> exist it could get us a much nicer calculator runner.

This sounds interesting. If I find some time in the future, I'll have
a look at this.

Thanks for the feedback!

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