Exherbo patch for kdelibs

Ingmar Vanhassel ingmar at exherbo.org
Tue Mar 31 23:24:10 BST 2009

On Tue, Mar 31, 2009 at 09:42:23PM +0200, Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Monday 30 March 2009, Kim Højgaard-Hansen wrote:
> > The patch listed below fixes automagic detection of a dependency
> > (ACL), that cause
> > an optional feature to be enabled. Exherbo dependencies have to be
> > deterministic, meaning we do not rely on the buildsystem doing
> > autodetection, and we add cmake switches for all optional dependencies.
> >
> > You email me if there are any questions
> Are you sure this patch does what you want ?

Well, as you noticed, only partially, but that's a separate issue that's not
specific to this particular patch.

> You can now disable ACL determinstic, but you still can't enable it 
> deterministic. The macro just adds an option WITH_ACL, if it is disabled, you 
> disable ACL, if it is enabled, the normal autodetection takes place.
> Is this what you want ?

It does, but it could do it even better. ;-) Ideally there would be a
way for us to turn autodetection off, when we don't want a particular
optional dependency enabled *and* a way to have autodetection find
libfoo.so as optional dependency, but fail, if it doesn't find it.

If I want to explicitly enable an optional feature, then for me it's an
error if that feature can't be enabled due to a dependency not being
found. The cmake step should signal that & abort, instead of disabling
the features. Is there a way to change that? (Without passing in the
path to every library.)

Any pointers to implementing that, in case it's not there yet?

> If you don't want any autodetection, you can feed the correct values directly 
> into cmake, so it doesn't search: cmake -DACL_LIBS=/the/path/to/acl-lib etc.

Most of the autodetection code has sanity checks, that would be skipped
in this case, so I'm not terribly fond of this as final solution.
It's also not a very practical, I think, but it's a start, thanks!

> Beside that, I have no objections to the patch.
> Alex

Could you commit it for us? None of the Exherbo KDE maintainers have
commit access.

Exherbo KDE, X.org maintainer

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