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Tom Albers tomalbers at
Sat Mar 28 01:30:55 GMT 2009


The last few weeks we have experimented with using bugzilla for sysadmin requests, and we are happy with that, it is simpel to assign a task to someone, keep an overview over open issues and involve other people to the request. 

So here is the general announcement.  From now on please use instead of the sysadmin at email address for all your regular requests.[1]

The email address will keep working, bugzilla is just much more convenient for us. The bugs in the sysadmin component are not publicly available as sometimes passwords might end up there.

Special request: If you know / maintain webpages or whatever were the email address is mentioned, please update it to the above url.


Sysadmin team

[1] The request for a new svn account is the exception. This should be done via the special form reachable via the techbase article about getting an account.

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