[PATCH] BUG: 178658 Adding remote encoding support to Dolphin

David Faure faure at kde.org
Thu Mar 26 00:09:10 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 25 March 2009, Maksim Orlovich wrote:
> > I already have other patchs: one makes dolphinpart to use remoteencoding
> > class, the other simply wipe KRemoteEncodingPlugin from Konqueror source
> > dir. As KRemoteEncodingPlugin is aKparts::Plugin, Konqueror has zero line
> > of
> > code about
> > it. So just removing plugin dir is enough for Konqueror, as it uses
> > DolphinPart.
> Not quite --- it can also use alternative views like FSView, or perhaps
> the cervisia one, so the change isn't equivalent.

If fsview and cervisia really need this (which I doubt; they are really rarely
used on remote folders), then we need to turn this "ex-plugin" into a kdelibs class,
then. But for now having it in dolphin is much more important than potentially
using it with fsview or cervisia IMHO.

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