[PATCH] Permanent clear button for KLineEdit

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Wed Mar 25 19:32:30 GMT 2009

Am Wednesday 25 March 2009 schrieb Oswald Buddenhagen:

> it equivalent, you'd have to replace a push button with an equally sized
> empty space. i can't imagine you'd advocate *that*. ;D
guess what: if the style refused to paint diabled items, you'd get exactly 
this. ;-P
the point is, that the clear button is /not/ the determining visual here.
talking in QStyle,  it's more like a complexcontrol subcontrol, embedded into 
a bigger context and not impacting the general appereance if vanished.

(i hope we're all talking about the little box that recently appeared at the 
right hand of some editlines and replaced the not so elegant "black arrow 
button with an x")

> > what we don't do is [...] hiding information on possible [...] actions.
> well, actually, this is exactly the case here. ;)
if the box is empty, then how is clearing it supposed to be a possible action?

hiding possible actions isn't imho less a problem, btw. but e.g. in popups, 
this also leads to "a new context menu" everyday :-\
(i.e. the layout changes are the rather crucial aspect)
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