[PATCH] Fix for PageUp/PageDown in KTextEdit

Michael Leupold lemma at confuego.org
Tue Mar 24 23:00:53 GMT 2009


On hitting PageUp/-Down in KTextEdit it pages by moving the cursor line by 
line. This mimicks QTextEdit's behaviour with one small difference: QTextEdit 
calculates the new cursor position and then sets it at the end. KTextEdit sets 
the cursor position repeatedly line by line. This emits one 
cursorPositionChanged() signal per line and can make applications showing the 
cursor position feel slower than need be (eg. the KMail composer window).

This patch copies QTextEdit's behaviour. I'm unsure if there could be 
regressions due to this change in behaviour but if there are those 
applications should be fixed rather than not committing this patch (as it's 
pretty hard to block that signal when scrolling starts).

I'd appreciate if someone could review and tell me if I can commit.

Thanks and regards,

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